Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For all of you who dont know what Fado is, this is our traditional style of music, our pride, and i hope you will enjoy it Mariza is a great singer.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For whom who doesnt know, there are several cartoonists that specialized in gay/bear mangas/BDs, i m gonna give you some nice links: the first one is french, www.loganporncomics.org , his books are cheap and great, you can buy them at www.ho-editions.com they take little time to get to your house, great store; then there is www.tagame.org, he got two volumes for sell in the store mencioned earlier too, and they are great, and lot's of other volumes but in japonese....
One of my favorites is Fujimoto at www.japanimationbears.com , i love his draws, but i never had the chance to find one of his BDs for sell :(.
Well that's all for today, if you got any other one you wish me to talk about please post a comment :D
I have been following a PC game (a MMORPG) Warhammer that will be released in 2007, in the game's site www.warhammeronline.com you can check Paul's videoblogs, besides them being very funny Paul is such a hottie *drool*
Some days ago, i read about Zach, the boy who was forced into a catholic institution, who supposedly cure homosexuality, by his parents, after he said he was gay to them.... this institution never turned any gay into straight like anybody with a brain knew it wouldnt, but it break many teens until they feel the only solution for them is suicide... when the founder of the institution says to those already confused "clientes" that he would prefer them to suicide than live a life in sin, you know that those kind of institutions should be closed! here is a link about Zach's story, the blog storm that followed and the manifestations against this kind of torture http://archives.republicoft.com/index.php/zach/

Monday, September 18, 2006

I first created this blog in portuguese, but after several complains about the language i decided to translate it, don't bitch too much about my awful english, one can't be perfect :D, I will try to translate it all in the next several days, feel free to comment :D here it goes :

I decided to create this blog because i got more and more feeling and ideas i want to write about, comment, or even just write a little non sense :D. Let's talk a little about me, i m a young male 29 yo, who got an interest in mangas/anime, games (online, offline, in bed and/or on the floor heh), cars, music, (melodic, speed metal, metal that doesnt sound like a dog or a cat being spanked), i also like some french music like Serge Lama, Charle Aznavour, Daniel Balavoine, Barbara, etc, yeah i know it's a wide range of taste, but i like big things lol.
At last i would like to say i m gay since most of my "BS" will touch homosexuality from far or up close, but i m not any gay, i m choosy, i dont like the stereotype of the actual man... Brad Pitt ewww... Tom Cruise buargggg.... Orlando Bloom disgusting.... besides being gay i had to like big, hairy guys with a killer smile/laugh that thunder through the building when they laugh lol... I took the best number in the univers lotto haha, but as weird as it seems, i m very happy.

Well, my little introduction ended, i hope it didnt hurt, did it? :D